Eco Amazons – Book Review

Eco Amazons Book CoverEco Amazons: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World by Dorka Keehn, with photography by Colin Finlay, is an apt title for a book about women fighting to save our planet.

I came across it last March while looking for books about women environmentalists in honor of Women’s History Month.

Book Review

Eco Amazons is a cross between an anthology and a coffee table book. It is a stunningly beautiful book. One you want to keep and cherish but at the same time give away for others to enjoy.

Readers will meet twenty women who are eco-warriors from our own time. Each woman approaches her mission from a different angle including nature, food, social justice, health, and fashion to name a few.

The stories are diverse and compelling. Keehn interviewed each woman and wrote an essay in her own voice. It is almost as if the reader is sitting in the room listening to the women as they tell their stories.

Each Eco Amazon was called to action and stepped to the plate. Not because she dreamed of becoming an activist or yearned for the media spotlight. These women did it for their families, communities, and planet earth.

The Bottom Line

I was enchanted by Eco Amazons from the moment I opened it. I savored the book by reading a chapter during lunch on days I didn’t feel rushed or distracted.

Within less than a dozen pages, highlighted by a few photos, Keehn and Finlay conveyed the story of each woman and illustrated her particular quest.

Eco Amazons reinforced my belief that individuals have the power to enact change. In a way, each Eco Amazon is just some gal who took action. Each one of us, woman or man, has it within us to become an eco-warrior.

Read Eco Amazons to meet twenty interesting women and be inspired.

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